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Default My TL0 Clothing/Armour Creation Rules

I put some work into this for our next game, and the numbers work out pretty well, and it stays fairly loyal to Low-Tech... so I thought I'd share these for any of you folks that might want them.

I know it's pretty nitpicky, but a TL0 Campaign featuring highly mobile Big Game Hunters has to be detailed on weights for basic gear. For the "Cold" number, this is what you add (modified by Coverage) to a Base of -5 to determine your HT bonus vs. Freezing weather. Your total bonus cannot exceed +10 (which becomes +5 after applying the -5 Base). Apply an additional -1 if the Neck isn't fully covered, -1 if the hands aren't fully covered, -1 if you lack at least half coverage on your head, -1 if your feet aren't fully covered and an additional -1 if parts of the soles of your feet lack coverage. Final Modifier cannot be lower than -5 in any case.

Also note that the coverage table adds to 100% rather than 305% like in Low-Tech, so Base Weight are about three times heavier. As an FYI, the table is based on Surface Area for Burns. Also, the "Groin" doesn't have to be specificly covered to gain DR benefit from Skirts, Long Coats and the Like. You only cover the Groin for Trousers and Loincloths/Breechcloths.

Edit: Also Note that my "Heavy Leather" is Low-tech's Medium Leather, my "Medium Leather" is comparable to Padded Cloth and my "Light Leather" is based on Winter Clothing.

Coverage Location		Multiplier			Layering Armor		
Head				     10%				The Maximum base weight of all layers cannot exceed 56
Skull				     0.05			pounds, and a maximum of four layers can be worn at the same time. 
Face & Eyes			     0.03			However, treat two Layers of DR 0* as if it were a single layer giving
Neck				     0.02			DR 1* vs. Cutting, unless all layers are Light Cloth, in which case treat 
Body				     36%			three layers of Light Cloth as if it was a single layer providing DR 1* 
Chest				     0.16			vs. Cutting. Add the DR of all other layers together, but treat every two 
Abdomen				     0.10			layers of DR 1* vs. Cutting as if it added to DR 1*. Each layer past the 
Pelvis				     0.08			first (or effective layer of DR 0* items) granting any DR also gives -1 
Groin				     0.02			DX when using that body part. The -1 DR vs. Imp. of Medium & Heavy
Arms				     18%			leather does not stack, but multiple layers do give an extra -1 to stealth.
Each Arm			     0.08			
(Shoulder)			   (0.02)			Tailoring			
(Upper Arm)			   (0.02)				Clothing with any armor value worn by an individual that it
(Elbow)				   (0.01)			was not designed for, incurs an additional -1 DX penalty for the first	
(Forearm)			   (0.03)			layer worn. Clothing can be tailored to adjust Final Weight by -1% per
Each Hand			     0.01			+10% in cost, or by +1% to weight for -2% in cost. Normal Tailoring
Legs				     36%			allows a maximum of -10% weight (for +100% Cost) to +10% weight
Each Leg			     0.16			(for -20% cost). Finer Tailoring is quite expensive, costing an further
(Thigh)				   (0.08)			+20% cost per additional -1% weight down to -15%, then increased to
(Knee)				   (0.02)			+30% cost per further -1% weight to an absolute maximum of -20%
(Shin)				   (0.06)			If weight was reduced by -15% or more, the outfit also adds an extra
Each Foot			     0.02			-1 to penalties for targeting chinks in armor.

Material				DR			Cost		Weight		Don		Cold	
Light Cloth				0*			$60		3		15		+2
Standard Cloth, Thin Leather		0*			$100		5		20		+3
Heavy Cloth, Light Leather		1* vs. Cutting		$150		8		30		+5
Quilted Cloth, Light Furs		1* vs. Cutting		$200		10		30		+6
Medium Leather				1*, -1 vs. Impaling	$400		18		45		+10
Padded Cloth, Thick Furs		1*			$500		20		45		+12
Heavy Leather				2*, -1 vs. Impaling	$600		36		60		+12
Waterproofing				n/a			+$100		+1		n/a		n/a
* Rawhide is 50% of the Cost of normal Leather or Fur, but has half the hit points and loses effectiveness when wet.
* Padded Cloth stuffed with straw or Grasses is noisy (-1 to Stealth), and less protective vs. Cold (+10), but is cheaper ($400).
* Heavy Leather is somewhat noisy (-1 to Stealth), but 10 minutes of preparation can reduce this penalty by one for up to a day (or until removed).

Clothing Style			Areas Covered												    Cost Modifier	
Coat, Dress, Robe or Tunic	Body (Any but Groin), Legs (Opt., any but Foot), Neck and Shoulder (Opt.)					1.0x
Cape or Poncho			Body (Any but Groin), Arms, Legs (Opt., any but Foot), Neck Shoulder (Opt.), - Half Don Time			0.5x	
Breechcloth or Loincloth	Groin, opt. flaps front or rear (Each 1/8th the coverage as equal length legging) - Triple Don Time		0.5x
Skirt				Pelvis (Except Groin), Legs (Except Feet)									1.0x
Trousers			Pelvis and Groin, Legs (Except Feet)										1.5x
Wrapped Sleeves			Arms (Except Hands and Shoulders) - Double Don Time								0.5x
Sewn Sleeves			Arms (Except Hands and Shoulders)										1.0x
Attached Sewn Sleeves		Arms (Except Hands) (For body article without Shoulder coverage) - Half Don Time				2.0x
*Mittens without Thumbs		Hands (Maximum of two Layers & 40 pound Base Weight, Ham-Fisted 2, Bad Grip 2)					4.0x
*Mittens with Thumbs		Hands (Maximum of two Layers & 20 pound Base Weight, Ham-Fisted 2, Bad Grip 1)		 			10x
Wrapped Leggings		Legs (Except Feet) - Double Don Time										0.5x
Sewn Leggings			Legs (Except Feet)												1.0x
*Foot Wrappings			Feet (+1 to Stealth)												2.0x
*Sandals			Feet (Underside, 1/4th Coverage) - Wood is Stuffed Cloth, but Semi-Ablative, +8 Cold  &  $300			8.0x
*Moccasins			Feet (Ankles Optional, 1/4th less coverage if without, +1 to Stealth)						8.0x
*Mukluks			Feet, Legs (Opt., Except Hips) - Prevents Frostbite & Removes -2 in Penalties for Stealth on Snow	 	10x
Attached Hood			Neck, Skull (For a body article that doesn’t cover Neck)	- Half Don Time					2.0x	
Scarf, Hat or Cap		Neck, Face (But not Eyes, Maximum 2/3rds Coverage), Skull							1.0x
*Triple the Don Time and Coverage of Hands/Feet for the weight of Mittens, Foot Wrappings, Sandals, Moccasins and Mukluks.  

Status and Decoration
	Prices assume clothing appropriate for Status 0, cut final cost in half for Status -1 outfits, or to one-fifth for Status -2 scraps 
(this reduces Padded Cloth and Thick Furs to DR 1* vs. Cutting and +10 Cold (+9 for Stuffed Padded Cloth), and Heavy Leather to DR 1* and 
+10 Cold). To buy clothing for higher status, simply add decoration (any for Status 1, but at least +4 CF for Status 2).
If you see any issues with the numbers or something critical I missed, please comment... Feedback would be much appreciated!

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