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Default [Action 2] Chases, Wipeouts, and Recovery

I ran a foot-chase last week, using Action 2's chase mechanics, and the results felt a bit off to me.

For a specific example, one round had the quarry attempting a Stunt by jumping the 6-foot fence at the end of the alleyway; he failed.
  • If the quarry fails the stunt, does the pursuer have to even make one to keep up?
  • It doesn't say the quarry loses the benefit of the stunt (bonus gained from penalty taken on the stunt) if he fails, but that obviously feels weird
  • Failed stunt=Wipeout, and in this case, it's a "Close Call"; it says the next maneuver must either be an Emergency Action or Stop, or suffer a wreck—why can't the quarry attempt another Stunt here?
  • What if you choose to "suffer a wreck" and aren't disabled by it?
  • I'm having trouble imagining what the difference looks like between a "Close Call" and "Wreck" in a foot chase
  • For that matter, I'm wondering what the writer(s) was imagining with regard to the Emergency Action—if it takes a whole "round" here, it would have to be pretty involved
Anybody have any experience, or even just educated opinions?

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