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Default Have campaign idea. Feedback?

This is based off of a starting thread:Importance of Climax in a campaign. I don't like to see these things drift focus so I'm starting a new one with links to each other. Being new to these things, let me know if this is a poor idea.

The campaign setting is low-medium fantasy. Themes include: blue collar/working class PC's, badass crew, and movable (improvable) HQ (a ship). The first adventure will be set up so that by the end of it (1-3 sessions later) they may gain a ship (either completely or for use under a patron).

I was worried that no setting would work with the movable HQ. Then a player mentioned an anime where the land werent really islands but extensive riverways made ships and river boats the most common mode of transportation.

I'll be starting them all off with some level of Crewman & Fishing. Aside from that I'm working out the level of fantastic races I'll allow in my game.

I'm pretty sure none of my players comes to this forum so anything goes.

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