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Default Re: A Campaign in Space / Balancing of Spaceships with different SM

Originally Posted by Peter Knutsen View Post
It's the currency used in EVE Online, the MMO. It stands for InterStellar Kredits, but yes, the CCP guys have no doubt been heavily inspired by the acronym for the Icelandic currency.

(And, by the way, in EVE Online the Freighter ship is enormously expensive. For the cost of one Freighter, I can buy half a dozen Battleships.)
Yeah, but haulers are cheap, and I got the impression that better represents the ship in question. Haulers are big, but freighters are ungodly huge, and anybody who takes one of those slow, fat targets into lawless space without a couple of scouts and a hefty escort is askin' for trouble.

I've been on both ends of that one. I got my first solo-kill on an escort mission.

(Actually, it wasn't quite solo. The pirate was so hot to get the freighter that he attacked at the gate as soon as the target jumped in, without thinking about the fact that we'd entered low-security space. The key difference between low-sec and null-sec? The gates got sentry guns. I tackled him so he couldn't run, and the combination of the gate-gun and my T2 medium blaster-turrets and T2 medium drones, he didn't last very long. I love Astarte-class Gallentean command vessels.)
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