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Old 04-16-2019, 08:09 AM   #1
Join Date: Mar 2013
Location: Sackville NB, Canada, Previously Inuvik NWT
Default [Bio-Tech] Proper SM for Tek-Rat parahuman template

So, I was doing the numbers on some NPC hirelings for a TL10-ish sci-fi campaign I'm running, rife with spaceships and nano/biotechnology and too many pirates with too much of both, and I noticed what seems to be an inconsistency in the Tek-Rat parahuman template (BioTech, p. 74), compared to the Miniature Attributes Table (BioTech, p. 63), so maybe I'm missing something about how to use the table, or what's on the template, or maybe this could be something worthy of errata.

A) The numbers:
According to the Miniature Attributes Table, SM-2 imposes ST -5 and IQ-1.
Meanwhile, the Tek-Rat template, at SM-2, has ST-6 and IQ-1.
So, the ST is even lower than it should be, for SM-2.

B) The descriptive text:
The Tek-Rat description says their ST and IQ were raised, "counteracting the smaller size." But the templates IQ is par for 1/2 scale miniaturization @SM -2, and their racial ST is, as previously mentioned, lower than it would be for SM-2, according to the table, certainly not raised.

The text also describes Tek-Rats as 2' tall, which would be SM-3

As such, I'm wondering if the Tek-Rats racial SM should actually be SM-3, for 1/3 scale: miniaturized IQ -2 improved to IQ -1, and miniaturized ST -7 improved to -6, which falls in line with the descriptive text, the table, and the majority of the racial template (apart from the SM).

Main reason this comes up is: for the campaign, I'm using the Nonhuman Accommodations guidelines, Spaceships 7, sidebar on p. 25, so the difference between SM-2 and SM-3 is about triple the capacity of a given habitat system/cabin. The PCs recently picked up a pair of Tek-Rat hirelings (a mechanic and an astrogeologist), and cabin space on the PC's ship has limits.

The Tek-Rat template also happens to be my go-to choice for a worked example of miniaturization, so if I am overlooking something about how miniaturized stats should work, I would want to know. (I definitely miss stuff all the time: it only took me about 3.493x10^7 decades to figure out whether miniature characters should pay points for Reduced Consumption, 'till I came across the exact paragraph in Biotech that covers exactly that... as such, I'm assuming the Tech-Rats Increased Consumption applies to their miniaturized food intake. (Depending on what their appropriate SM turns out to be).

PS: first time making a thread on the boards, that I can recall, so do forgive any lack of proper decorum. I'm rolling Savoir-Faire (Internet) at default, and I have another 17 minutes 'till the timer on my Luck resets, since I rerolled my Research attempt trying to figure out how to properly title/tag a thread, or if someone else had already posted on this, also at default.
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Default Re: [Bio-Tech] Proper SM for Tek-Rat parahuman template

Iíll have to check my copy of Biotech, but from what youíve stated, it seems clear they are mislabeled in terms of SM, and should indeed be at SM-3.
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Fred Brackin
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Default Re: [Bio-Tech] Proper SM for Tek-Rat parahuman template

Yes, SM-3 and the other things that aollow from that..
Fred Brackin
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Old 04-16-2019, 05:12 PM   #4
Join Date: Mar 2013
Location: Sackville NB, Canada, Previously Inuvik NWT
Default Re: [Bio-Tech] Proper SM for Tek-Rat parahuman template

Thank you for the quick reply! I thought I was going fnording crazy, for a minute. X3

(This has an impact on the campaign setting, since the Tek-Rats typically have a social stigma (second class Citizen)s, which manifests due to a perception that Tek-Rats don't deserve equal representation in government, because they skew election results proportionate to their body weight, so they end up with more "capita-per-habitat" than SM+0 humans... "30x representation" @SM-3 is significantly more pronounced than "10x representation" @SM-2, going by how habitat capacity scales by SM), on top of the race being associated with corporate manufactured bioroid workers, so the non-bioroids are often seen as such.
Nobody ever said advanced civilizations were necessarily enlightened... at least, nobody whose had actual experience with an advanced civilization would say that.

Ahem... I'm rambling now, sorry. Thanks again.
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