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Default Munchkin Disney - quick question

I am new to Munchkin and just bought the Disney version. Only done a couple of dry run-throughs so far, before I introduce it to my son. Seems like a great game (already thinking of getting the original and Marvel versions) though I have one query. It seems that whoever gets hold of Mickey as an ally is likely to win, as with him you can have any number of allies, which makes him super OP. There is only one curse card for losing allies, so unless you make that player have to sacrifice an ally, they get stronger and stronger every turn (particularly if they have fairy godmother class and can retrieve allies from discard).
Am I missing something here? Many thanks.
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Devin Lewis
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Default Re: Munchkin Disney - quick question

There are several answers to this.

First, you have to actually get Mickey and then you have to also get other Allies. Generally speaking the average game will only see the player who has him get one or two others, rather than stacking up a lot of them. This also requires you to get him early, as if you've already got an Ally when you draw him, you have to get rid of your first one to play him.

All that aside, combat strength isn't everything in Munchkin. We just played a game of Munchkin Babies (and Babies 2: Stork Naked) on stream and I, with +18 worth of bonuses, lost the game to someone with +5.

If you do find that too many of your games end with the owner of Mickey winning, just leave the card in the box when you play. It won't change the balance of the game. We recommend doing this with any card that causes too much contention.
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