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Old 08-12-2020, 01:32 PM   #11
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Default Re: [Sorcery] Creating a weapon buff out of a missle spell

Originally Posted by BoneWolf17 View Post
The Missile Spells limitation is referring to the attacks the spell can defend against, while the Melee Attack limitation refers to how the reflected damage can be applied. I'm not sure if I calculated that correctly but that was my thinking with applying those modifiers.
That makes sense. To figure out what Melee Attack is worth, let's see how the ability would function without it - with the delay and the ability to target a different foe than the one who originated the attack, it would essentially give you a one-use ranged Innate Attack. Turning that into a Universal Follow-Up would be +50%, but then you'd be able to, say, Parry with your sword and deliver the effect with a shield bash, or whatever. I'd say Follow-Up +0% is appropriate. Note the reason this is an Enhancement - or at least a neutral modifier - is because giving up range to have it serve as a follow-up is generally at worst +0%, because being able to let the effect go off after an attack gives enhanced armor penetration (amongst other effects). So, I'd use Follow Up +0% in place of Melee Attack -40% (which is more appropriate for something that only works against melee attacks).

Originally Posted by BoneWolf17 View Post
As for adding All-Out and Active Defense together, the idea isn't strictly RAW but what I'm trying to say is that Living Force is mutually exclusive with other active defenses. By default the Active Defense limitation still allows the normal parry, dodge, or block, so I added all out to say that you cannot parry, dodge, or block immediately after if you fail your roll for Living Force.
I can kind of see that, but that would be if using the ability means you cannot defend at all for the rest of the round (and also didn't make any mundane defenses prior to this). I suspect that's not what you want - rather, you want the roll for Living Force to also serve as your Active Defense for this attack. Personally, I'd suggest you instead use the same roll for both Living Force and your actual defense (which would have to be Parry with the weapon you want it to apply to); requiring the same defense might be worth -10%, but I'd be more inclined to use -5% (using the same roll is +0%). This has the added advantage that a spell your Living Force isn't powerful enough to completely absorb can still be Parried, absorbing however much of it you can (if Living Force takes the place of an Active Defense, you'd just absorb a quantity equal to your Living Force DR, and the rest would hit you).
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Old 08-13-2020, 12:04 AM   #12
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Default Re: [Sorcery] Creating a weapon buff out of a missle spell

Thanks for the suggestions Varyon, those are good points. Here's my new write-up of the spell:

Living Force
Keywords: None
Full Cost: 40 points/level
Casting Roll: Parry skill
Range: Self
Duration: Instantaneous

This spell may be cast as an immediate reaction to incoming missile spells. If the casting roll is successful and the incoming spellís damage is less than (Living Force level) dice, the incoming spell is infused into whatever the caster used to parry with (probably either their hands or a weapon).
The next attack the caster makes with the infused weapon/hand/etc gains follow-up damage equal to the damage of the absorbed spell. For example, if the caster uses Living Force to parry an incoming fireball that deals 2d burning damage with his or her broadsword, the casterís next attack with the broadsword will deal 2d burning follow-up damage.
The casting roll is modified by Talent and Combat Reflexes. If the caster tries to cast Living Force more than once in a turn, the casting roll takes a cumulative -4 penalty per attempt after the first within a turn. The caster rolls at -4 if stunned and cannot cast Living Force in situations where they would not get an active defense. If the casting fails, all future castings cost an additional 1 FP until the next successful casting. If the caster drops to 3 FP or less from casting Living Force, they cannot cast this spell until all FP are replenished. This spell does count as an active defense for the purpose of cumulative defense penalties and cannot be combined with other active defenses.
Note that due to requiring physical movement as part of the parry, Living Force cannot be cast without spending fatigue, and will always cost 1 FP.
Living Force can only hold one spell at a time.

Statistics: Damage Resistance 4 (Accessibility, Requires gestures, -10%; Active Defense (Parry), -45%; All-or-Nothing, -10%; Cosmic, Can change the target for Reflection, +50%; Force Field, +20%; Limited, Missile Spells, -40%; Follow-Up, +0%; Reflection, +100%; Sorcery, -15%; Triggered Delay on Reflection, +50%) [40/level]

I lowered the given DR to 4 to make the spell more scalable. It's a pretty expensive spell so the party will likely have to take more limitations on it (such as limiting uses per day) in order to bring it within their price range. They can always cast it with extra effort too. Most missile spells in the campaign don't deal more than 2d damage anyway.
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Old 08-13-2020, 03:01 PM   #13
Join Date: Jun 2013
Default Re: [Sorcery] Creating a weapon buff out of a missle spell

Personally, I'd make it [35]/level with that construction (I feel this is too expensive for the utility it affords, but I can understand wanting to build it the way you have, and the fact you're arguably overcharging is less of an issue considering the cost gets divided by 5 at the end for being an Alternate Ability), as seeing how it absorbs dice of damage, it's really Damage Resistance 1d (which is 3.5) rather than Damage Resistance 4 per level.
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Old 08-14-2020, 10:01 AM   #14
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Default Re: [Sorcery] Creating a weapon buff out of a missle spell

Originally Posted by BoneWolf17 View Post
My idea is to have a sorcery spell that allows the user to parry an incoming missile spell with their hands or a weapon and turn it into a weapon buff immediately applied to the weapon they parried with.
Catch Spell allows you to catch an incoming missile spell and throw it with your hands.

A 'staff' allows you to shoot missile spells from the staff instead of the hands.

Used together I could see it catching on the staff instead?

But you're thinking to change Fireball into Flaming Weapon like a missile>melee transformation?
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sorcery, sorcery imbuements

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