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Default GCA, Alternate Form and limitations

Hi all. :)

I'm trying to crete a character in GCA, and I'm running into a few problems, and maybe you are able to help me.....

So, suppose a Monster Hunter-like character with about 500 points. He has an alternate form that gives him some advantages (Some IT;DR, some Super ST (Super Effort), some Extra DX, Extra HT - thhings like that) worth about another 500 points.

He's only able to stay in form for about 10 minutes at a time (Maximum Duration, Powers p. 111) until the form deactivates. Now I know about the 15 + (90% of form cost) enhancement and limitation cost only applying to the 15 point base cost instead of the full cost from the FAQ (point crock).

However, I feel like if the character gets to use the advantages of the form only for 10 minutes (or so, Maximum duration 10 minutes), I should apply the limitation (-50%) to all the advantages "inside" the Alternate Form (as well as the disadvantages?). I am familiar with the Temporary Disadvantage limitation as well, but the only one that really applies here is the Bloodlust, since it requires a self control roll (which is automatically failed?).

Now, this transformation comes at cost: While in form he has Bloodlust (-10), Vulnerability (Holy Artifacts x2, -10) and Weakness (Holy Places, 1d per 1 minute -20).

(Ideally, this would *also* be limited to three times a day instead of the 5 minute break the Maximum Duration limitation suggests)

So far, I created a "Parent Item" in GCA where I put all the advantages and disadvantages, just to get them on the character sheet - but I know this is far from accurate.

Thanks for your help. :)
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