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Default [IW] Earth 2 Client Worldline

Looking for ideas.

I like the idea of Homeline Beta/Earth 2 being a client worldline for Homeline Prime.

Divergence Points being Van Zeldt being unique to HL Prime and HL Beta uncovering Parachronic visitors in 2016 by the FBI.

Very rapidly said discovery was leaked and viral news via social media, understandable Betas governments went through the usual reactions ranging from outrage to commercial ambition.

On the surface the easiest response for both Infinity and UNIC is to close the Worldline, however -

Beta is a Quanta 6 Worldline that can support Projectors, interestingly only imported parachronic technology works.

Faced with such a huge strategic opportunity (and concerned with Centrum targeting Beta) Infinity with UNIC sanction approaches democratic Beta nations with terms, leasing space (for projector sites) in return for technological and scientific uplift, in 2022 Infinity opens I-Cop recruitment to Beta citizens.

Beta now sits at relative tech and science levels to Homeline, continuously lobbys for its own parachronic technology and independent transworld access whilst running unsuccessful espionage on Infinity facilities to acquire it.

Centrum have been considering a full nuclear option for beta in the 3 years since they discovered it, instead they play politics with nation states who aren't part of the agreement.

So a big break from cannon, an additional Quanta's reach for Homeline, significant threat to Centrum (Although does Centrum Beta offer the same parallel advantage?), on the flip side allied world with similar political and social dynamics offering personnel and projector capability.

So questions - What social dynamics would a Homeline clone worldwide develop with an alien parent world channelling surpass resources, plus uplift technology and science to allied states?

And in a worldwide where the Secret is out what precautions would Infinity take and what would they put in place to deal with Centrum if the war goes hot?

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Default Re: [IW] Earth 2 Client Worldline

Paranoia, depression, and anxiety in a lot of people if the Secret is at all widely known. And therefore violence.

The drive at the political/state level would be to find some way to be equal, even if the Secret is only known at this level. Humans really don't like to be oppressed.

I can see a push to have local equivalents of existing IW staff and Patrolmen recruited into the IW/Patrol, as known to be capable to do the job. Which opens some fun possibilities and a can of worms.

It would also be rated as "IW agents only" as it's where Centrum can get to, and almost everyone on Homeline would break that.
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Default Re: [IW] Earth 2 Client Worldline

Thatís what Iím thinking, a gilded cage, a superficially shiny civilisation with considerable tension and resentment under the surface. Would definitely be only agents or sufficiently cleared Infinity personnel.

Agree with homegrown Infinity equivalents, even to the point of the terms being set percentages of Infinity sites having homegrown personnel.
From Infinities perspective it does resolve some of their recruitment challenges for I-cops.

Something else I was considering is whether the Projector capacity is limited to specific windows of opportunity, some form of meta-versal alignment. Or even a Quantum Sargasso with periodic projector windows (essential Beta goes from famine to feast).

Homeline still has to maintain strategic relations, once Centrum is understood to have discovered it theyíre in the arms race whether they like it or not.
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