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Default Re: First Time Poster - need advice for fantasy setting

Originally Posted by Emerald Cat View Post
A common assumption is that the best mages are born with high magery. But that is game world specific. If higher levels of magery require formal training I'd recommend making this explicit in your campaign write up. That way your players will be on the same page as you.

In case you were wondering, Path/Book magic is described in Chapter 5 of Thaumatology.
Thanks for the pointer, and all your help, Cat.

Regarding Magery assumptions, there is no fear of that. When I embark on an RPG thingee I have a tendency to write it up like its a sourcebook. :) And then "be there" for a very back and for character creation process with players. Certainly for any point-based system (GURPS or Hero, f'rinstance).

Originally Posted by Emerald Cat View Post
I was taking the view that the Very Low Mana Level was caused by the events during the Age of Redemption. And that finding a way to reverse that damage could be a long term objective of the campaign.
Certainly an option, but not I think here in this campaign. If successful, probably not for years in IRL time. I'm agnostic regarding the "Good versus Bad" of Magic in this world. What has happened happened. What will happen, will happen. The real goal is the type of gameplay (Players and GM discover new wonders, magic and strangeness on a *huge* continent). Certainly there are opportunities for narrative, big plot arcs. But I am, as a GM, less interested in some world sweeping and changing narrative, either of the "Magic is the Good, restore it" or "Magic is the Bad, destroy it" variety. The party will develop it's take organically and if it *chose* to attempt to restore magic in Gentibus, well, I'd let the campaign go there (whether that is possible or not is another question entirely, best answered if they "go there").

In any case, you gave me a good idea for another named splinter belief system from the Church of the Holy Redemption; "Restorationists". :)

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Default Re: First Time Poster - need advice for fantasy setting

Originally Posted by Emerald Cat View Post
Thanks, Maximara. I wasn't aware of these Bestiaries. I'll have to check them out.
For real-world animals, both living and extinct, there's also this fan-work that has a lot of write-ups of animals for 4th edition.
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