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Default Re: New Reality Seeds

Originally Posted by Kitsune View Post
I do consider this as highly unlikely. France enjoyed abusing "her" victory far too much. And on a national level, the French are far from charmant - they tend to be as sore as losers as they are ungracious as victors. As far as "winning Germany over to Democracy" is concerned, Weimarian Germany was actually more democratic than the France of the 1920ts, where not even women were allowed to vote.
The point is a Franco-German allience with Germany amoung the heroic good guys fighting evil at mid-century.

Remind this scenario meant to be utopian or dystopian?
I thought the loyalist were loyal to the democratic-socailist government?

Now, that strikes me as rather likely. Independently from what happened in Europe, Stalin solidifies his hold over the Sovietunion and begins to arm (like hell). In our reality Soviet armament began years before Hitler came to power. By the early 1940ts, a gargantuan Red Army would have been ready, a juggernaut, which Stalin would have been quite willing to use. That would have probably ended any European "peace in our time" anyway.
So I place Germany with the Western allies for the rematch. Switch up expectations.

Here we disagree again. Frankly, the Americans never had the guts to stand up against the Russians. Not at the end of WWII, not in 1961, not today. And especially under FDR, the greatest friend the Commies ever had in the White House (who called himself a socialist to boot), they are supposed to engage the Sovietunion? I doubt it. Possibly America conquers Imperial Japan (just as they really did), while the Sovietunion finishes off Europe (especially with a weak and disarmed Weimarian Germany things would have been over pretty quickly). Perhaps Britain is so lucky to stay unoccupied - only to find itself marginalized as a state facing a soviet-ruled Europe on the other side of the channel. I suspect that Roosevelt would have readily divided up the world with Stalin. A later President may have regretted that, but FDR would have not.
Cheap insults are beneath your dignity Kitsume. Just because Europe sees America only as a colonial baracks to be bled at Europe's whim doesn't make it so. Containment was a shrewd policy durring the Cold War. In a WWII senario not so much.

If Imperial Japan doesn't attack America, they would be ignored. In our real world FDR tried to bait Germany into declaring war on the USA for months, in this world as well he'd bait the USSR. As most of the "isolationists" were right-wingers, he'd probably have an easier time of getting America into the war Against Russia.
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