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Default Re: DreadStormers [IC]

Originally Posted by GnomesofZurich View Post
"Of course I do. I would like you to invite them, in pairs, to be briefed on our situation. We'll find somewhere private to do so, my guards will help ensure they don't make a fuss, and then we'll continue on until everyone is on the same page."
The sergant nods, and starts grabbing pairs of men. Go ahead and make your rolls.

Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
Well, this is the deck with the fewest problems crossing the wall so I say we sweep the whole deck....

After this deck, might as well continue without disturbing the wall, then going on to the other after clearing.
Ok, give me another stealth roll for the next few decks down on the rear of the ship...

Originally Posted by Hide View Post
I understand that part, but it should be 3 VS 1 in the first push, or at least 2 VS 1. Pacifica's team prepared this in advance.
You mean these preparations?

Originally Posted by Hide View Post

Pacifica tells her team to get ready for action.

First, they will wait for 5 minutes and do some observation checks to perceive enemy movement.
Pacifica: Observation (14) 9.

She and the stealthiest crewman of her team will move first, from the direction that doesn't allow the enemy seeing them coming through the threshold.

Pacifica: Displacement (14-2) 10, Stealth (15+4) 14.

The rest will also do stealth.

Pacifica and the stealthy crewman will quietly and quickly lock one of the doors, each. (I would like to call for danger sense and exposition sense to pick the door that proves the safest to lock).

If the enemies charge, the remaining 4 crewmen will be within 3 yards of range from the doors (they get this close using stealth), 2 people pointing at each door with their guns. This distance is enough to eliminate range penalties and if somebody needs help locking a door, the crewmen could also charge and help (instead of shooting). The priority is not to shoot. But if enemies get out, then they shoot. The "gunners" are approaching from a direction that doesn't allow the doors to serve as cover for the enemies.
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