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Default Re: [Bio-Tech] Human Genetic Engineering When?

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
So you're at a probable minimum of 2050 to 2060 for your vehicle to be ready.

Then 7% of c commits you to something more than 60 years for one way trips.

I will note that even 7% of c is quite hard to achieve for anything other than a reactionless drive of some description.
I was thinking slightly earlier for the launch, but your later dates might be right, I'll probably go for the 2050 one.

As for getting 7% C, for in-system transport I've settled on a system of stationary particle accelerators pushing Mag-Sail ships around, it's somewhat plausible and is interesting. I figure if a ship passes by multiple of these on it's way out the system they can get it up to 3,750 MPS, which is about 2% C and the rest can come from something like 12 fuel tanks the size of the ship for a TL10 Antimatter Plasma Rocket. This later was chosen because it makes the journey shorter over an Advanced Fusion Pulse Drive and once you account for the fact that getting the crew back is also important, costs about the same.
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