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Default Re: [Bio-Tech] Human Genetic Engineering When?

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
Start the necessary research and development now and have it take however long you think it should take. Longer time periods will be more credible than shorter ones but breakthroughs are possible.

It might not matter since you've got a lot of things yet to be invented for the vehicle's propulsion system and development of space-based construction (or even jsut assembly) of said vehicle.
Well I've decided that this is prompted by the discovery of an alien megastructure in Alpha Centauri by the James Web Space Telescope, so this has Apollo Program levels of dedication.

And assembly is easy, this civilization has access to whatever unrealistic reactionless drives every space opera setting has that are useless for this type of thing and has started build solar power satellites.

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
Offhand, let's say within the next 5 years there's the discovery both of an animal that has some human-compatible (although that wouldn't be immediately known) bio-stasis* genes as well as whatever method your drives end up using to reach Alpha Centauri, study it, and come back. I'd imagine each would need at least 10 years of study before they'd be ready for proper testing, but let's say the time from now to the time they're ready for proper testing is about 10 years. At that point you are able to splice the genes into the rat genome and get them to express the bio-stasis proteins; you're probably looking at a minimum of 5 years to confirm the bio-stasis functions in rats without serious deleterious effects (or find ways to avoid/mitigate the deleterious effects). Then you've got to do experimentation on something that is closer to human - perhaps pigs and/or primates - which is going to take longer than the rat study, even if things go rather well. Minimum 10 years, I would think. While all that was going on, you would have needed to convince the populace and their representative lawmakers that human testing for this would be a Good Idea, so now that your breakneck-rate testing phase is over, you can start human trials. That's going to take longer than the pigs, particularly as you need to make certain this doesn't screw with mental and physical development as well as confirm the stasis function works, so I'd imagine a minimum of 30 years, if everything goes perfectly. If you can draw your explorers from the first batch of experimental subjects (meaning you've probably been trying to train all of them for this mission), you could be ready to go at this point. So, at basically breakneck, reckless developmental speed, your crew would be ready to go somewhere around 55 years from now, or 2077. By that point, you'll also need to have perfected the drives, and established sufficient space infrastructure to be able to launch such a mission; I think 55 years to do that, provided the new drive technology makes space travel more economical early, is fast but not quite as extreme as for the biological component of it all.

*I'm using this term because I don't think hibernation slows aging much, and that's what we really need here.
I've realized from other posts in this thread that gene-engineering this capability in in the time frame I want is likely not possible, so I'm resorting to drugs and/or cybernetics, which can likely force the body into a dreamless near death sleep state to prolong age.

I agress on the 10 years thing, it's what I figured would probably be the time required for any survey, which will cover the survey of Alpha Centauri, the investigation and activation of the megastructures found in the system (A wormhole stabilizer and a hyperspace gate) and the exploration of the solar system on the other side of the wormhole.

Convincing people to go along with this isn't going to be hard, a megastructure of unknown design and purpose in Alpha Centauri wil deal with that rather well. Those with strong beliefs that oppose this aren't likely to be strong enough to stall the project.

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
For biostasis I would start by looking at tardigrades (water bears). They have really radical suspended animation capabilities.
Unlikely to be workable, process likely doesn't scale.
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