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Default Re: Corco's Villa (IC)

Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
OK, so he's dealt with in about 4-5 seconds. Regular contests are a pain to run. According to MA73, it takes 2d seconds to cuff him up, but I think we can just agree he'll fail to break free.

I suppose my answer depends on whether he could identify me or not. Given my plan is to pretend to be him for a least a couple of days, I think anyone will figure it out what happened by the time they find him. I'll try to shock him into compliance.

"I'm an transdimensional interloper here to investigate the emperor's bizarre behaviour that began, oh, fifty, sixty years ago. Unfortunately, they don't just let anyone into the emperor's temple complex, so I need to take someone's face so I can infiltrate the facility. Unfortunately for you, the face I need is yours!"

I assume at this point he's suitably terrified.

"Relax, I don't need to literally take your face. I just need your employee pass and for you not to go to work for a little while."

I briefly pause to consider his powerful friends remark.

"You do know a lot of very powerful people, but you're not that close with any of them, are you? Surprised? I know everything. Unless the emperor watches over you every now and again, or you have a dinner date with one of the undying heroes, you're just not that threatening"

"Now settle down. We're going to be besties for the next few weeks. Have you eaten yet? Which services have access to your house during the day while I won't be here?"
That's a memetics roll standing in for intimidation... I rolled an 8, which is enough. He clams up and settles down.

The priest says that the only person who comes during the day is the maid who cleans the place once a week, and the yard service, who doesn't come inside.
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