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Default Re: Clarification: Talent Skill Choice

Originally Posted by malloyd View Post
I think the actual unbalanced case is the 5 point talent in two or more weapons in *functionally different* categories.
Broadly speaking there are five functionally different types of combat/weapon skills: Unarmed Striking, Unarmed Grappling, Primary Melee Weapon, Off-Hand Weapon/Shield, and Ranged. And you're right, things get particularly broken when you have skills from two or three of those categories covered under the same talent.

In fact, many of the skills from each category have generous defaults to one another, making taking one skill from the heart of a cluster of skills effectively a "talent" for all the skills that default from it. The most obvious of these is Guns skill specialties, which almost all default to one-another at -2 to -4, meaning that taking one Guns skill at an extremely high skill level is enough to bump up all of the other Guns skills.
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