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Default Re: Animate Spell

BTW, I think I may adjust the ST cost progression a bit for my version... still starting at 4 ST, but then 8, 12 and finally 16.
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Default Re: Animate Spell

Originally Posted by Shostak View Post
Magi Carta for Heroes & Other Worlds is sort of compatible with TFT and has an Animate Object spell as a Thrown spell at IQ 14. With it one can animate objects of a size determined by how much ST is put into it, with 2 ST for a small object (never really defined) and doubling each size increase (4 ST for medium, 8 for large, etc.). The spell description states that the objects can attack, but it never gives attributes for objects.

Here's my untested take, just for statues:
IQ 10, Animate Statue (T): This spell vivifies a single statue or sculpture (in the round or bas relief), giving it attributes average for the artwork's subject for 3 rounds (a life-size statue of a wolf would have a wolf's stats, a life-size warrior would have a Myrmidon's, and a monumental sculpture of a person would have a giant's stats). Wooden sculptures have stop 3 hits, stone stops 4, and bronze stops 6. Costs 1/hex, can be renewed.

My rationale for the low IQ and cost is that you need a statue handy, so it is considerably less useful than being able to animate any object. I'd be tempted to allow single blows that deal a statue high damage to break an animated statue, similar to how skeletons shatter. I'm also tempted to have cutting or impaling weapons used against them to have a risk of being damaged.
Sort of what I had in mind. Thanks!
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Default Re: Animate Spell

TippetsTX, Madhopper50 and others, please share any after action reports to let us know if and how you think the spells should be tweaked for better balance!
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Anthony Shostak
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