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Default New Cyberpunk Campaign

Hello Folks,
I'm getting ready to run a new Cyberpunk campaign via Fantasy Grounds, 8 AM to 12 Noon Eastern Standard time (1 PM to 5 PM GMT). At present, I'm only counting on 2 players, with a max limit of 3 due to the fact this is strictly a "Chat based" Campaign.

The opening scene involves the murder of a young woman, daughter to a CEO of a corporation. The place of the murder is a restaurant/hotel combination located on the Californian Coast during a foggy night.

The campaign itself may or may not focus on the actual crime that sets it all in motion (ie, the players get to decide if they want to pursue it or not), but as the saying goes "if you can't take the character to the adventure, take the adventure to the Character".

The Murder will have repercussions for the players as they work their way through their adventure - and as I started to search for "Autopsy Report Sample" so I could present the players with a game prop, I came across this site that might be worth other people's use in their mystery and/or modern world campaigns:

That site has sample reports for Autopsy Report, Crime Scene report, Forensic report, Gunshot - Forensic Pathology Report, and Forensic pathology report.

As it turns out, I was researching what would go into reports for a 26 year old woman, who was attacked - had her vocal cords/throat slashed with a single highly precise slash, and then a second "surgically precise" slash with a curved blade, that opened the victim's sternum alongside the heart without actively puncturing the heart. Each of the pulmonary veins and arteries were severed with a single slash each, suggesting the killer knew his physiology comparable to that of a surgeon.

The exsanguination due to heart removal will be listed as the cause of death.

The idea of the campaign is to set the player characters on a path to apprehending said murder(s) (the 911 call from the victim's friend who was on the line when the murder happens will also include a recording of the final part of the conversation, and the two voices of the murderers - one male, one female). With the CEO, father of the slain woman offering a personal reward beefed up by other donors, the reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the murderers is stated to be 1/4 of a million dollars.

The player characters will not only have to deal with getting the information, but with other mercenary minded individuals who will also want the reward money for themselves. As this is set in the year 2050 AD, there will of course, be some cybernetics involved and definitely Cyberpunk through and through.

Ultimately, as I find stuff to help other GM's for their campaigns, I wouldn't mind hearing from others who might be able to guide me on creating a reasonable prop for the player characters based on the crime scene itself (the report the first responder will file) along with information the coroner will provide in his document. I've little doubt that the players are going to want that bit of information, and I'd like to put in what I can.

I also intend to require that the players either a background in Medical technology or actual physician based skills to be able to translate the full extent of "medicalese" they will have to wade through to figure out what it says. If they don't have that capability, they're going to have to find someone who does (like a Cybernetic doctor who works on the side perhaps?).

In any event, time of death can be pinpointed to by virtue of a phone call to a friend. Place of death can be pinpointed largely because the killers simply left it where it was. Cause of death was obviously the loss of the heart, but the who and the why are up for grabs.

So - any help by anyone who knows sufficient details for the crime scene would be appreciated.

Well - time for me to bone up on my GURPS MYSTERIES book along with GURPS ACTION series (not to mention the other fun stuff like GURPS CYBERPUNK and GURPS CYBERWORLD).
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