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Default Re: Naruto like campaign, beginner needs help

Ok, one last pass on the Earth Chi skills and powers. Please let me know if any of this seems at the least bit off...

Stone strike/Sutōnsutoraiku(DX/H)
Stomp the ground, kicking up a chunk of stone, then direct it as a projectile at your opponent. A lower levels this requires you to be standing on earth/stone. In higher levels, you will be able to 'summon' the projectile from less obvious sources.
Innate Attack, cr, 1/2D 10, Max 100, Acc 3 RoF 1 Shots N/a, Recoil 1 (5pts/level, B.61)

Arms of Stone/Ishi no Ude (HT/Hard)
- Focus Earth Chi in your arms to briefly make them like stone to allow you to block attacks that would not be stopped by mere flesh. To activate, spend 2 Chi and make a successful roll vs. (Arms of Stone skill/3) + 3, add +1 for combat reflexes, -4 if stunned, and -4 for every block on this turn after the first. If you succeed you gain additional DR equal to your level in this skill. Fail means that you gain no benefit.

Earth Shake/jishin (ST/Hard)
- Stomping the ground to send a shock wave to knock down an one in the path of the attack (cone, restricted to ground)

Tunnel/Ton'neru(DX/Hard), Prerequisite Earth Shake
Move through the ground (stone/dirt only). Movement is yards equal to Skill level. Cannot exceed Base Move.

Stable Ground/Antei shita jimen(ST/H)
When hit with enough force to cause knockback, you can roll against this skill. On a success roll, you form a bracing stance that balances you against the knockback. Take the knockback distance and divide it by 1 + your level (round up). This is your new knockback distance. If this distance is less than your skill, you hold your stance, but slide back the fallback distance. Divide this number again by your Skill and take that much extra damage in HP(minimum 1). This cannot be performed after a failed dodge, or after an All-Out-Attack.

Stone strike/Sutōnsutoraiku - Innate Attack, cr, 1/2D 10, Max 100, Acc 3 RoF 1 Shots N/a, Recoil 1 (5pts, B.61)
Earth Chi -15%
Accessibility (attacker needs to be standing on earth/rock) -10%
Base is 5-25%=3.75 round up to 4
Can buy +1 upgrades to damage for 2pts.(each buy is a rank, cannot exceed 3 x Skill)
At Skill level 5 can buy RoF 1x2 for 4 pts.
At Skill level 8, accessibility is paid off, can perform anywhere.

Arms of Stone/Ishi no Ude - 3DR, 3pts
Damage Resistance(5pts/level,B.46)
Earth Chi -15%
Costs 1 extra Chi -5%
Active Defense -40%
Takes recharge 5 turns -10%
DR max 8, can buy +1 DR every 3 skill levels ( at skill[3] can buy +1 for 5pt)
Enhanced Block(5pts/levelB.51) every 5 skill levels +1 to block

Earth Shake/jishin - Range cone attack along the ground 6pts.
Innate Attack, cr, 1/2D 10, Max 100, Acc 3, RoF 1, Recoil 1 (5pts/level, B.61)
Earth Chi -15%
Costs extra Chi -5%
Cone (3 yards) + 80%
Accessibility - attack needs to be on rock/earth - 10%
Environmental - only affects those on the ground(outdoors) - 10%
Reduced range (from 100 - 20, divisor 5) -20%
Can but +1 Dmg at 2pts per increase

Tunnel/Ton'neru - Move through the ground, must hold breath while underground. Speed is 1+ Tunnel Skill yards. 16 pts.
Permeation(B.75) very common(earth) 40 pts.
Earth Chi -15%
Costs extra 3 Chi -15%
Takes extra time (concentrate. 1 sec to hold breath) -10%
Takes Recharge (15 turns) -20%

I also have requirements set up so that you can't just buy the upper class powers. With both skills and Powers, they could potentially have a maxed power, but little skill with it. I am going to add some more (like probably an enhanced move tied to the Tunneling power, also control of the element (latent), maybe some more skills) later on, but these will be the opening powers. They will have a set amount they can put into these Chi Skills/Powers, and have to set points on other things as well. I am working up the Air Chi Skills and Powers too, but want to just make sure that this is in line.

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