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Terry Tigre
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Default Aircraft


I have been playing around with some aircraft rules, and I would like an opinion.

First some basic assumptions:

Laser turrets and especially towers make flying aircraft dangerous every time they come near. If at all possible they would like to avoid them. This suggests that they would be most effective over own territory’s.

Nukes can push low flying aircraft into the ground, which suggest that even bpc aircraft are vulnerable. Flying higher avoids that but paints a big target on them.

They need support structures, but not airstrips as it is assumed that they will have vtol capabilities by default.

Their speed would be such that they could cross a typical map several times in a single turn. Maybe not cruise missile speeds but with comparable effects.

Working with these base assumptions I have come up with the following:

Shell and missile armed units treat aircraft differently. Shell armed units can aim above the aircraft and only need to come near, if their shells are big enough. Missiles won’t have that option and can furthermore be distracted by chaff.

Big shell units include heavy tanks, superheavy tanks, Ogre Main and Secondary batteries, and any range 3 or less units with 3 or more attack strength.
These units enjoy two benefits when firing at aircraft:
a) They can add their attack strength to their range and
b) Any D result against an aircraft is treated as an X result.

Smaller shell units wont have the range advantage, but will have the second benefit. This includes Gevs, light tanks, etc.

Missile units will have the second benefit as well, but they can be blocked by chaff. This includes missile tanks, mobile howitzers, howitzers, ogre missiles and in general any unit with 4 or more range.
Chaff works on a 1-4 on one dice versus 3 or lower attack strength and on a 1-2 on one dice versus higher attack strength. Up to 3 chaff can be used on one missile, and you can see the result before using the next one. Chaff is one use only though.

Laser units treat D results as no effect vs aircraft.

The aircraft move after the enemy movement phase, but before the enemy fire phase. Shots fired at the aircrafts mean the unit can’t fire in the subsequent fire phase, or at other aircraft. Exception: Lasers.
They are moved one at a time, similar to cruise missiles with for all practical purposes unlimited speeds and turning ability. They must leave the map and can’t re-enter until next turn. For every 20 hexes or fraction they move on the map lasers get one shot at them. Thus aircraft moving 20 or fewer hexes on the map only can be fired at once.
The procedure is point a finger at a map hex, or use a counter, the enemy fires and if the aircraft survives it can fire itself. Then the next hex is entered and this is repeated, until the map is left.

Sample Aircraft:
D4, 6 wing hard points, 1 fuselage hardpoint. R2 A2 Cannon. 2 Chaff. 12 VP
The cannon can fire once each turn.
The wing hardpoints must be symetrical.
Hardpoint options:

Missiles. R4 A3 one shot 2 vp. Wing or fuselage. 1 hardpoint each.

Ogre Missile. R5 A6 D3 one shot 3 vp, fuselage only. Mounting an Ogre Missile means only 4 wing hardpoints can be used. The Ogre Missile can be targeted like an external Ogre Missile.

Chaff. 1 extra chaff roll. Wing or fuselage hardpoints. 0 vp.

Bombs. R1 A6 one shot 1 vp. Fuselage only.

Gun Pod. R1 A1. 1 vp only works against D0 targets or infantry. Can be used once each turn. Wing or fuselage.

Add the 12 vp base price to the hardpoint ordinance price to fiind how many armor units the aircraft costs.

They can be reloaded, but assume 1 landing turn, 1 reloading turn so after a turn 1 attack the next attack would be turn 4. Also the reloads cost vp too (except chaff).

After exiting the map surviving aircraft may be attacked by enemy aircraft. Any laser towers/turrets can’t fire on them as they are too close to the enemy. This starts at range 5, and reduce the range by one after both have fired what they want to fire. Bombs and gun pods can’t be used but chaff does work.
Thus there are 5 firing opportunities at range 5,4,3,2 and 1. After that the dogfight ends.

Well I hope you have found this an interesting read. My goal here was in part to show why the heavy tank is the king of the battlefield, but that there is also a niche for aircraft, particulary if they can engage without return fire. Laser towers can ruin their day though, especially if facing multiple ones.

The proposed sequence of play is meant to give some benefit to attacking enemy forces that can fire on friendly ground forces, as this forces the enemy to split their fire.
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