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Default Re: Limiting skill points

Originally Posted by MaryAnn View Post
I have done what I could. It still looks like an improvement on Iron Man, but at least she can't keep expanding the repertoire of skills without giving up the old ones.

This is the provisional result for the character

Aleksandra "Sasha" Nikolayevna Romanova, a.k.a. "The Mechanic"
Ok, wow... um whats the point? Is this supposed to be The big bad? I dont understand what this character is... I mean I see what your going for "Tony Stark" mechanical genius extraordinaire... and then some whipped cream on top. But other that a big list of skills at an insane level, what is the purpose of this character?

Maybe better I ask why you would model Tony Stark as a list of skills and not just a few wildcard skills and some luck and serendipity advantages. He's a genius that just gets it... not a guy with 47 advanced PHD's

My last and probably most relevant question, what do other PCs/NPCs look like in this world? I cant help thinking this is a horrible way to spend 2000+ points to model what your trying to do. Admittedly this isn't my genre, but this isn't how I would have done it.

Edit so I browsed through the advantages list and I would probably go with something along these lines (Using the Marvel movies Robert Downy Jr version as the template, cause there are at least 6 comic book version I am aware of)

I couldnt see if you paid for it, or if it would be appropriate to the character but
Multimillionaire 2 would apply to Tony Stark (10,000 times starting cash)
Independent Income ~10 probably would also apply (if you're going to run this for more than a one shot, otherwise ignore this)

Charisma at least 3 levels
Indominable and/or Unfazeable
Fearlessness 2 or 3 levels
Photographic Memory (really I think Eidetic memory is probably more accurate to the character, but mechanically I could see either used)
Less sleep 2-3 levels (He seems to be almost permanently manic)
Daredevil - this is more about his combat than building stuff but fits, and he does some pretty risky engineering where this *could* apply
Quick Gadgeteer (maybe just Gadgeteer depending on how the game is modeled)
Intuitive Mathematician
Extraordinary Luck and/or Serendipity 2
Rapier Wit
Signature Gear built as ally (expensive) easily pushing 200-300 points on Iron mans suit maybe more depending on details (like I said not my genre). No ideal what Jarvis would cost but he's a modifier to engineering skill IMO so required for the character

Talents (heres where things can get weird depending on how you break it down but for sure max 4 levels in every talent pool regardless of how you break it down)
Computer stuff - specifically an AI that gives a bonus to engineering
Vehicle stuff -
Math/physics stuff -
Weapon stuff -
--------------------- there could be a couple of points of intersection and overlap here which is sort of what you want and legit for how he applies his skills IMO. At some point you will find overlap, like your computer AI. There will be skills that give bonuses to Engineering/Invention. With 2000 points to play with it really isnt about your point cap.-----------

Now your skills are MUCH cheaper and modeled a little better.
Engineer (all) would start normally at IQ-2 but depending on how you model talents could be as high as IQ+6 with 1 point.
I wasn't paying attention to what you set the IQ at but at 14, one talent +4 gives you a skill 16 IQ+2 in all engineering with one point. Then you add any modifiers like Jarvis and other skills that might give a bonus... You should be running somewhere in the 18-20 range on any engineer roll with just one point.

This is still going to be a 1000+ character but a far cry from the 2100 your already working with, and more in line with what people usually post about Supers.

Plus this character now has Luck which is HUGE. As well as Multimillionaire, the Suit and Jarvis as signature gear.

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skill cost, training

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