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Default Re: Limiting skill points

Originally Posted by MaryAnn View Post
My concern was that this character had more than nine thousand points, many of them on skills, and she kept winning at a rate of 288 points a year (now she gains 18).
Why does she get any points per year at all? If all she does is spend every possible second doing intensive training, then she's never going to actually do anything that makes her a character.

I think you are completely misunderstanding or abusing the learning guidelines. They are available *IF* you want a character to spend some time learning to get skills up. It's not mandatory. You don't have to say, "x hours have passed, so the character must have gained points".

Honestly, what even is the point of a 9,000 point character? 1,000? 2,000 even? Sure, playable, exist, no drama. Over that, and only having skills at 21...I simply do not understand what you are doing or trying to do. Of course, that's fine, it doesn't have to be understanable to me :-) But, really, I think there's something terribly wrong in your approach to the whole thing. I'd love to know what game you are actually running or playing.
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