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Default Re: Materials the ASN need for their industries

Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
I have a weirder idea. If the gates are permanently open, a cable car line suspended from balloons is possible. You have to take firm measures to keep the weight on the line constant, but the easy way to do that is water ballast tanks on the cars.
They are and they aren't. A person walking through some of the gates, like the Exernsteine ones, will be transported automatically, either to the World Tree or instantly to the demiplane wirh Wahr Wewelsburg, depending on where they walk. Moving matter that isn't being carried through requires a deliberate and conscious decision by a person with some level of occult knowledge, though not really much effort as long as it fits through. For some gates, such a deliberate opening is the only way and, for others, a ritual may be rewuired merely to open them. When no one is presently going through a gate, the gate is not really open, in that air doesn't seem to flow through unattended gates.

Actual ritual magicians can do stuff like open the gates much wider (temporarily, unless this is done as a major enchantment with some vast mystical power source) and even temporarily change where they lead or the route through the World Tree, though experimentation with the limits of such things should be confined to gates that aren't crucial to your civilization.

I suspect it may be possible to suspend such a line, but the fact that the arrangment of branches can change is a problem. Nothing that the ASNs can do while on the World Tree or in the non-world around it will give them permanent control over the strange topography there and they've had to adapt to its idiosyncacies rather than doing as man does in natural environments and adapt the environment to them.

So if you do this, expect to have to move the line from time to time.
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