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Default Re: Improving strength through exercise

Originally Posted by clu2415 View Post
I want my character to carry more stuff, so I was looking at how to improve his strength in play. Some muscle reinforcement procedures are available but he is in the military so he would have to get permission to be off duty multiple weeks while he recovers.

200 hours of training is 1 point so I need 2,000 hours of training for 1 point of ST. The DM says I will have 2 hours available for training a day and that equipment and trainers make this count for 4 hours. Training 5 days a week would give 20 effective hours per week, allowing me to raise his strength after only... 100 weeks. Two years! (He already has a level of lifting strength, so I can't go that route to save time.) Steroids can cut this down to only six months to a year if I accept serious side affects before I even get the first point of strength!

Alternatively, I can pay earned points and have the muscles appear after 3-4 sessions.
I would not even try to use the "hours of study per point of skill" rule for stats! However, if buying up ST with earned points is not an option (and making a point that your character is lifting weights in his free time is an excellent way to justify spending the points that way), that is balanced with the other things you could do with a Time Use Sheet, and I think that both options are in the Basic Set: Campaigns.

Back when we had a physical trainer on this forum, one of his points was that stats are best understood as a "rest level," what your character can maintain without spending time and willpower which he usually spends on other things. Most characters could improve their ST by a point or two in six months of intense training, but it will fall back to normal as soon as the deadline is passed. In his experience, most people only get stronger in a lasting way when they are really determined to do so, or have an external motivation like "the fire department will fire me if I fail this test again."

The only rules like that which I know are S. John Ross' old book rules which had something on cramming and are still available on his website.
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