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Default Questions about Warp shenanigans!

My friends and I have a game running that was started up as a testbed for the weirder sides of character creation, i recently introduced a character to the group that is a teleporter.

The plan was to give him the ability to teleport himself, open portals, and forcibly teleport others. This is what we came up with.

- Malediction (Long Distance) [150%]
- Area Of Effect (2 yard Radius) [50%]
- Persistent [+40%]
- Wall: Permeable (Any Shape) [60%]
- Based On Will [20%]
- No Signature [20%]
- Selectivity [10%]

- Warp: [TOTAL 2100%]
- Selectivity [10%]
- Gyroscopic [10%]
- Blind [50%]
- No Strain [25%]
- Reliable [50%]
- Range Limit (500 yards) [-35%]

This allows him to inflict teleportation on enemies with an opposed will roll, selectivity away the gyroscopic, forcing enemies to roll body sense.

It also allows him to open portals of any shape up to 2 yards in diameter, that persist 10 seconds.

He can also teleport himself, we are ruling that activation time for his affliction is that of the Warp ability, with all appropriate modifiers for less or extra time taken as per Warp. And allowing him to use it defensively to teleport dodge as per the Warp Advantage.

Now, question time!

Psionic Powers mentions that you maintain your velocity while teleporting. It also states "If your destination has a new velocity (e.g., warping into a moving vehicle, or warping safely to the ground when falling), matching it imposes a -5 penalty to Body Sense."

We were initially thinking this meant you could Body Sense to deal with your momentum change in an instant (teleport to not die after a freefall).
We also decided that sounded dumb and reread it like 10 times, coming to the conclusion that you get a -5 penalty to your body sense roll because of the velocity change, at no benefit to yourself, you still get all that wonderful fall damage.

Do i need Selectivity under both Affliction AND Warp?
Like i want to be able to turn on and off all the AOE and stuff. So that is the Affliction Selectivity.
I also want to be able to disable Gyroscopic under Warp when teleporting enemies, so they have to make body sense rolls. So i figure Selectivity is also needed under Warp.

What kind of skill roll would i need to make to precisely place the destination of a portal i open. Lets say i open a portal between myself and a gunner, i want to place the destination behind the shooters head, so when he shoots at me, if his bullets fail their rolls and teleport, they strike the gunner.

I am probably forgetting a few, but its 2 AM, so ill post a followup if i remember any questions.
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Default Re: Questions about Warp shenanigans!

You need Tunnel, not Wall, for portals, along with Can Carry Extra-Heavy and probably some Extended Duration if the portals last more than seconds.

You have Afflict (Advantage: Warp), so no, you only need 1 copy of Selectivity. However, when you afflict yourself, counting it as a beneficial Affliction, you don't have an opposed roll, but you do roll Will once to Afflict yourself and again to not resist, and then of course roll for Warp. You can make teleporting yourself a bit more reliable if you take Warp as an alternate ability to Afflict Warp.

If Warp doesn't match velocity, then when you teleport from equator to pole, you launch yourself. No falling damage; you read it right the first time.

I think placement is precise by default unless you take the drift limitation. That said, warp takes time, and I doubt you'd ever do the gunman-shoots-himself thing. If you could, it's a power block, meaning an active defense at half Will, +3, just to intercept the bullet. How about "-10 or crit success" to redirect the bullet at the shooter?

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Default Re: Questions about Warp shenanigans!

I do know about Tunnel for opening Portals, but it didn't fulfill the desires for a opening a portal that we had.
We wanted to be able to open a portal, of a shape desired, at a range.
Is there a better way to use tunneling for these? Because i cant see the reason to not just use wall.

As for the "Advantage: Warp" i figured you would pay for "Warp" and all its enhancements/limitations, get the cost and adjust the cost of Affliction as per the "Advantage" listing. Otherwise picking up things like reduced range on how far i can teleport things would effect how far away i could use my Affliction, but i only want to influence the teleport distance.
This is why i assumed i would buy selectivity under Warp AND under affliction if i wanted to be able to modify things under the warp advantage AND under the Affliction Advantage, even if warp is just a sub enhancement under Affliction

I should have added the prior sentence to the body sense roll on velocity change issue, and i will update the main post to fix the issue. But i don't know if this changes things.
"By default, users of Warp retain their velocity when teleporting."

I just find it hard to believe that a skill that is described as being able to "Adjust quickly to your surroundings" but doesn't actually change your position or posture at all (just negates a one round disorientation) would be able to change your velocity in any meaningful way.

My main concern about the portal blocking bullets and such is related to the "Inanimate Objects and Resistance" block in Psionic Powers, Any object passing thru the portal would get an HT roll vs my Will to resist being teleported.
That aspect seems complete and simple, its the placement of the portal exit being 100% accurate if you don't fail your warp roll that makes it seem insane, as the bullets retain their velocity, but teleport exactly where you want them, as long as your target is not moving i can't see any reason they wouldn't be hit.

Thank you for your reply, with it i am definitely seeing my error now in how i read the body sense paragraph, but i now question the "Rules as written" as compared to what i think their intent is.
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