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Prince Charon
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Default [Infinite Worlds] Historical Earth Worldline Infoboxes?

Are there any infoboxes like those for Infinite Worlds written up for various historical eras on Earth (or for Real Life in 2021)? It seems to me that for a lot of worldlines it would be easier to start with an infobox for real life in that time period, and then modify it for what's changed, rather than trying to start almost from scratch.
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Default Re: [Infinite Worlds] Historical Earth Worldline Infoboxes?

This is kinda-sorta what GURPS Timeline does.
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Default Re: [Infinite Worlds] Historical Earth Worldline Infoboxes?

OK, an attempt for today:
Jackson, 2021
Current Affairs
The world continues to grapple with a Coronavirus Pandemic
Divergence Point
195X: A guy named Steve Jackson is born, who proceeds to write an unsettlingly accurate tabletop RPG.
Major Civilizations
Western (Multipolar), Chinese (Empire [with Rivals?]), Orthodox (Empire with Rivals)
Great Powers
United States (Representative Democracy, CR3?), People's Republic of China (Dictatorship, CR5?), Russia (Dictatorship/Oligarchy?, CR4?)
Potential Great Powers?
European Union (Feudal Representative Democracy, CR3-4?), India (Representative Democracy, CR3?, possibly higher in/for conflict regions/Muslims/backward classes), Brazil (Representative Democracy, CR3?)
Worldline Data
-> TL: Late 8
-> Mana Level: None
-> Quantum:6
-> Infinity Class: P5
-> Centrum Zone: Red

Notes: I bent towards fewer great powers and major civilizations, as none of the modern timelines listed had more than three civilizations and five major powers. Indic might need to be included in there. I'm unsure if Taiwan is enough to qualify as a rival, though if you take a broad Chinese civilization (as IW does) then it's rather definite, with Vietnam and South Korea charting anti-PRC political courses. I'm kind of fuzzy towards CR ratings.

Current Affairs
Igor Gouzenko has revealed the extent of Soviet nuclear spying. Greece, Israel and Vietnam are heating up. Gandhi and Nehru are making strides towards independence. George Marshall seeks to negotiate a settlement between the Nationalists and Communists in China. The Cold War is on!
Major Civilizations
Western (Multipolar), Orthodox (Empire), Chinese (Multipolar/Diffuse?)
Great Powers
United States (Representative Democracy, CR3, CR5 for Blacks), Soviet Union (Dictatorship, CR5), Britain (Representative Democracy, CR4), France (Representative Democracy, CR4), Nationalist China (Oligarchy/Dictatorship, CR4/5?)
Worldline Data
-> TL: Early 7
-> Mana Level: None
-> Quantum: 6
-> Infinity Class: ?
-> Centrum Zone: Red

Notes: I'm fuzziest with Nationalist China.

Current Affairs
Martin Luther is in hiding in Wartburg Castle. Suleiman has taken Belgrade. Francis I of France has invaded the Low Countries. The Magellan-Elcano expedition has past the Spice Islands. Cortes has taken Tenochitlan. The Jiajing Emperor has ascended the throne. Medieval India draws to a close, though the Mughals won't arrive for five more years.
Major Civilizations
Western (Empire with Rivals), Islamic (Empire With Rivals), Chinese (Empire), Indic (Diffuse/Multipolar?)
Great Powers
Habsburg Monarchy (Dictatorship), Ottoman Empire (Dictatorship), Ming Dynasty (Dictatorship), Kingdom of France (Dictatorship), Kingdom of Portugal (Dictatorship)
Worldline Data
-> TL: 4
-> Mana Level: None
-> Quantum: 6
-> Infinity Class: P9
-> Centrum Zone: Yellow

Notes: I don't know the control ratings, but I don't imagine they differ much. India might need a great power spot, but I'm not sure.

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