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Old 03-03-2017, 03:40 PM   #12
Night Watchman
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Cambridge, UK
Default Techniques by skill, A-D

The New Technique of the Week series is about inventing new fan-made techniques that aren't for combat skills, magic or psionics. The posts in this thread are meant to index all such techniques, new and previously published. Since I don't have a complete collection of Pyramid volume 3, nor all the GURPS PDFs, there may be a few missing. Please PM me, and I'll add them. The GURPS Repository has an index of published techniques by name.

Plans and objectives. All the threads with new techniques are tagged with "New Technique of the Week."

Techniques for attributes, and other special cases

Cane Travel {Underground Adventures}, Skidding {Action 3}, and Toe Flip {Action 3} are all bought from a DX default.

Memory Palace {Social Engineering: Back to School} and Specific Item (Snatcher) are bought from an IQ default.

Anachronistic Training is possible for any TL skill {Infinite Worlds}.

Debugging, Inspired Development, and Inspired Research are possible for any skill used in inventing {Powers: The Weird}.

Cutting Out {Social Engineering} is possible for any social interaction skill, as a Per-based roll.

Beguilement {Pyramid #3/54} is possible for most social interaction skills.

Elicitation {Pyramid #3/54} and Hinting {Social Engineering} are possible for any Influence skill.

<Specific Sports Event>is possible for any athletic skill practised as a sport.

Techniques by skill
Accounting: False Accounting, <Individual business> (Accounting (Management)), <Type of business> (Accounting (Bookkeeping)), <Type of business> (Accounting (Financial)).

Acrobatics: Acrobatic Stand {Action 3, MA}, Balancing {Action 3}, Breakfall {MA, TG}, Dive n' Roll {Action 3}, Evade {Action 3, MA}, Facing Change {Powers: the Weird}, Human Missile {Supers}, Quick Mount {Gun-Fu, Low-Tech, MA}, Running Climb {Action 3}, Running the Pole {LTC2}, Roll with Blow {Action 3, MA}, Sliding {Action 3}, Spinning {Action 3}. There's also material on Acrobatics for entertainment in 3e Compendium I, p166-170.

Acting: Acting Honest, Good Samaritan {Social Engineering}, Shell Game {Social Engineering}, Spanish Prisoner aka 419 {Social Engineering}.

Administration: Looking Good, Somebody Knows, <Specific organisation>, <Specific procedure>.

Alchemy: Distillation {Low-Tech}, <Elixir> {Magic}.

Area Knowledge: Historical Familiarity {Infinite Worlds}.

Armoury: Complex Bullets, Immediate Action {Gun-Fu, FCCS, High-Tech, Tactical Shooting}, Instant Arsenal Disarm {Gun-Fu, High-Tech}, Work by Touch {Tactical Shooting}.

Blind Fighting: Cane Travel {Underground Adventures}.

Body Control: Flush<poison>.

Body Language: <Specific Person>.

Body Sense: Facing Change {Powers: the Weird}, Multiport {Supers}.

Brainwashing: Deprogramming, Mind Modification (per trait, applicable to several other skills) {Powers: the Weird}.

Camouflage: <Terrain type and season>.

Carousing: Listening.

Carpentry: <Specific Activity>.

Chemistry: Distillation {Low-Tech}.

Climbing: Guiding, Rope Up, Rope Down (aka Rappelling) and Scaling {all Basic, Action 3}. More on Rappelling {SEALS in Vietnam}.

Computer Operation: Private Messaging {Pyramid #3/62},<Specific Program>.

Connoisseur: <Specific Subject>.

Cooking: <Specific menu>.

Cryptography: <Specific code/cipher decryption>.

Counterfeiting: <Specific Note or Coin>.

Current Affairs: Historical Familiarity {Infinite Worlds}.

Dancing: Close Dancing {Pyramid #3/54}, Follow Closely.

Detect Lies: <Specific person>.

Diplomacy: Agenda {Pyramid #3/54}, Personal Guarantee {Pyramid #3/54}, Somebody Knows, <Specific group, Subject>.

Disguise: <Specific Person>, <Archetype>.

Dreaming: Dream Rehearsal {Social Engineering: Back to School}.

Driving: Combat Driving {Gun-Fu}.

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Old 03-03-2017, 03:42 PM   #13
Night Watchman
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Cambridge, UK
Default Techniques by skill, E-K

Electronics Operation (Communications): <Specific code/cipher use>, Telegraphy.

Electronics Operation (Communications, EW or Sensors): Triangulation {Enhanced Senses}.

Electronics Operation (Media): Synching {Pyramid #3/62}.

Escape: Dislocation, Slip Handcuffs {Basic}, Total Exhalation {Underground Adventures}.

Esoteric Medicine: Speed-Bandaging {DF11}, via a Unique Technique perk.

Exorcism: Speed-Exorcism {DF11}, via a Unique Technique perk, <Spirit type>.

Explosives (Demolition): Set Trap {Basic}.

Explosives (Demolition or Underwater Demolition): <Structure Type>.

Explosives (EOD or NOD): <Bomb Type>.

Explosives (Fireworks): <Device Type>.

Farming: <Specific crop, Crop type>

Fast-Draw: <location>, Toe Flip {Action 3}.

Fast-Talk: Pig in a Poke {Pyramid #3/54}, Shell Game {Social Engineering}, Short Change {Pyramid #3/54}, <Specific person>.

Fishing: <Equipment form>.

First Aid: Speed-Bandaging {DF11}, via a Unique Technique perk, Blood Vessel Pressure {Low-Tech}, Resuscitation {Zombies}.

Flying: Guiding

Forgery: <Particular Document>.

Fortune Telling: True Tarot {Horror}, and equivalents for other methods.

Gardening: <Specific crop>.

Hazardous Materials: <Specific hazard, Specialisation>.

Herb Lore: <Elixir>

Hiking: Guiding

Housekeeping: <Specific problem>.

Hypnotism: Hypnotic Freeze {Madness Dossier}, Remote Hypnosis {P:tW, Supers}.

Intelligence Analysis: Piggybacking {Pyramid #3/54}.

Interrogation: Good Cop/Bad Cop.

Intimidation: Badger Game {Social Engineering}, Power Gaze {Pyramid #3/54}, <Specific person>.

Jeweller: <Specific item>.

Jumping: Human Missile {Supers}, Quick Mount {Gun-Fu, Low-Tech, MA}, Running Climb {Action 3}.

Knife: Purse Cutting {Fantasy}.

Knot-Tying: <Knot Family>

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Old 03-03-2017, 03:47 PM   #14
Night Watchman
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Cambridge, UK
Default Techniques by skill, L-R

Leadership: Big Store {Pyramid #3/54}, March-leading, Mission Assignment {Pyramid #3/54}.

Leatherworking: Glover, Saddler, Shoemaking.

Lip Reading: <Specific person>.

Lockpicking: Lock-blocking, <Lock model>, Work by Touch {Basic}, also possible for Explosives and Traps.

Machinist: <Specific item>.

Masonry: Bracing, Hoisting and Scaffolding, all {Underground Adventures}.

Metallurgy: <Specific process>.

Mathematics (Surveying): Triangulation {Enhanced Senses}.

Mechanic (Vehicle type): <Specific vehicle model>.

Meditation: Focus {Chinese Elemental Powers}, Projection {P:tW}.

Merchant: Trading in Illegal Goods {Pyramid #3/47}.

Mimicry (Animal Sounds or Bird Calls): <Species >.

Mimicry (Speech): Impersonate {Basic}.

Mind Block: Camouflaged Mind Block {Supers}, Coded Thoughts {Supers}, No-Mind {Supers}.

Mount: <Throw Rider>.

Musical Influence: Crowd Song {Pyramid #3/54}.

Musical Instrument: Sight-Reading {LTC1}.

Navigation: Triangulation {Enhanced Senses}.

Observation: Sightlines, <Specific Organisation>.

Packing: <Animal type & goods>.

Parachuting: HALO/HAHO {SEALS in Vietnam}, Packing.

Breakfall (Parachuting) is not a technique, but a core activity, and done at full skill. Parachuting fall speed is 16-23 ft/sec, a five-yard fall is, curiously enough, a speed of about 30 ft/sec.

Performance: <Character>, Resonance {Pyramid #3/54}.

Pharmacy: <Specific Preparation>

Philosophy: Heuristics {P:tW}.

Photography: Motion-Picture Camera {Basic}.

Physician: Phlebotomy, Resuscitation {Horror, Zombies}.

Piloting: Aggressive Maneuvering {Spaceships 4}, Ambush Maneuver {Spaceships 4}, Combat Piloting {Gun-Fu}, Evasive Maneuvering {Spaceships 4}, No-Landing Extraction {Basic}, Reversal Maneuver {Spaceships 4}.

Poetry: Versification {SE:BtS}.

Poisons: <Specific Preparation>

Politics: <Specific group, Subject>.

Professional Skill (Bartender): Listening.

Professional Skill (Munitions Factory Worker): <Device type>

Propaganda: Agenda, Going Viral {Social Engineering}.

Prospecting: <Mineral>.

Psychology: Deprogramming, Listening.

Public Speaking: Irony {Social Engineering}, Making It Up, Spark Discussion, Resonance {Pyramid #3/54}..

Religious Ritual: Exorcism, <Specific ritual>

Riding: Combat Riding {Gun-Fu, MA, Tactical Shooting}, Guiding, Hands-Free Riding {Gun-Fu, Low-Tech, MA} aka No-Hands Riding {Fantasy}, Hang From Saddle {Fantasy}, Jump, Mounted Reload {Low-Tech}, Quick Mount {Gun-Fu, Low-Tech, MA} and Staying Seated {Gun-Fu, MA}.

Ritual Magic: <Decan>, Exorcism.

Running: Specific event, Spinning {Action 3}.

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Night Watchman
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Cambridge, UK
Default Techniques by skill, S-Z

Savoir-Faire (any): Bribery, Covering and Recruitment, Grapevine, Listening, Somebody Knows.

Savoir-Faire (High Society): Dangerous Request {Pyramid #3/54}, Elevated Speech {Pyramid #3/54}.

Savoir-Faire (Military): Truce {Pyramid #3/54}.

Scrounging: <Source>.

Scuba: Penetration Diving {Underground Adventures}.

Sewing: Embroidery.

Sex Appeal: Badger Game {Social Engineering}, Fascination {Pyramid #3/54}, Listening, <Specific person>.

Shiphandling (Submarine): Sneak Away.

Singing: Sight-Reading {LTC1}, Resonance {Pyramid #3/54}, Throat Singing {Hot Spots: The Silk Road}.

Skating: Guiding, Skate Backwards.

Skiing: Guiding, Skidding {Action 3}.

Sleight of Hand: Shell Game {Social Engineering}, <Object>.

Smith: <Specific item>.

Smuggling: <Type of Goods>.

Sociology: Sociometry {Social Engineering}.

Soldier: Vehicle Identification.

Stage Combat: Good Samaritan {Social Engineering}.

Stealth: Disappear {Action 3, DF11}, Good Samaritan {Social Engineering}, Quickstep.

Streetwise: Bribery, Covering and Recruitment, Grapevine.

Submarine: Sneak Away.

Surgery: Autopsy, Bonesetting, Trepanning, Cataract Surgery and Cutting for the Stone, all {Low-Tech}, Phlebotomy, <Specific Procedure>.

Survival: Bow & Palette and Flint Sparking are methods of starting fires, both {Lands Out Of Time}. Natural Disaster {Disasters: Hurricane}, <Specific area>.

Swimming: Guiding, Lifesaving {Basic}.

Tactics: Sightlines.

Teaching: Exercises {SE:BtS}, Illumination {P:tW}, Legendary Teaching {SE:BtS}, Spark Discussion.

Teamster: Hands-Free Driving {Low-Tech}, Sharp Turn {Fantasy}.

Theology: Exorcism.

Urban Survival: Natural Disaster {Disasters: Hurricane}, <Specific area>.

Writing: Irony {Social Engineering}, Making It Up, Spark Discussion.

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Donny Brook
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Default Re: Index to threads with lasting value

I would nominate Icelander's threads on Horses and Low-tech ships as having lasting value.
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Old 10-28-2017, 06:38 AM   #18
Night Watchman
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Cambridge, UK
Default Disadvantage of the Week: L-Z

Light Sleeper
Low Empathy
Low Self-Image
Low TL
Magic Susceptibility
Mania {Supers}
Missing Digit
Mistaken Identity
Mundane Background
Neurological Disorder
Night Blindness
No Depth Perception
No Fine Manipulators
No Legs
No-Mana Shutdown {Thaumatology}
No Manipulators
No Sense of Humor
No Sense of Taste/Smell
Odious Personal/Racial Habits
On the Edge
One Arm
One Eye
One Hand
Panic Attacks {Horror}
Phantom Voices
Post-Combat Shakes
Restricted Diet
Restricted Vision
Secret Identity
Sense of Duty
Short Attention Span
Short Lifespan
Slave Mentality ((Now deprecated))
Slow Eater
Slow Healing
Slow Riser
Social Disease
Social Stigma
Space Sickness
Split Personality
Stress Atavism
Supernatural Features
Terminally Ill
Total Klutz
Twisted Mana Generator {Thaumatology}
Uncontrollable Appetite
Unnatural Feature
Unusual Biochemistry
Very Fat
Very Unfit
Weak Bite
Weirdness Magnet

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Default Re: Index to threads with lasting value

A perk collection would also be cool!
Like perks and techiques from all books gathered up here or has that been done?
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Default Re: Index to threads with lasting value

Originally Posted by jes722 View Post
A perk collection would also be cool!
Like perks and techiques from all books gathered up here or has that been done?
GURPS Power Ups 2: Perks
My GURPS publications GURPS Powers: Totem and Nature Spirits; GURPS Template Toolkit 4: Spirits; Pyramid articles. Buying them lets us know you want more!
My GURPS fan contribution and blog:
REFPLace GURPS Landing Page
My List of GURPS You Tube videos (plus a few other useful items)
My GURPS Wiki entries
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advantage of the week, disadvantage of the week, index, resources, skill of the week

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