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Default Blended Deck Builder spreadsheet

I have a lot of munchkin cards, and I generally prefer to play with blended decks. Such blended decks end up being just a few specific decks shuffled together, all-encompassing and overly large, or a custom and possibly unbalanced selection of cards from lots of decks.

For the latter, I've built spreadsheet which I'm sharing with y'all here. The core idea behind it is that the basic SJ Games decks are balanced because they generally stick with some established ratios of card types--like ~40% of the door cards being monsters (and ~25% of those being lvl 1 or 2). It follows that when constructing a blended deck, one would still need to stick to those ratios or at least measure the deviation.

On the Analysis tab of the spreadsheet you select 1-3 vanilla decks and use those as the reference; then you go to the Cards tab (which is basically a big data dump that Analysis pulls from) and checkmark the cards you want to build your blended deck with (referred to as "selected") in column A. The rest of the Analysis tab is basically a lot of columns comparing Reference & Selected decks on different metrics. That should help you gauge whether or not your custom blended deck has too many Curses or GUALs or lvl 18+ monsters by the numbers.

It's read-only, so make a copy for yourself if you want to use it. Right now I have Munchkin 1-3 as the Reference, and I've checked a bunch of my individual cards as the Selected. I left little notes throughout to help explain the nomenclature I use. I have input (edit: as of 1/13/17) all of the Fantasy, Star, Cthulhu, Fu, Steampunk, Marvel, Nightmare, and Booty cards aside from some promos and accessories and a handful of Booty 2 cards I can't fimd. Anyone who wants to contribute missing cards can fill them out on a file of your own and then leave a comment in the Google sheet with a link to your spreadsheet that I can copy from.

This is built off the list of munchkin cards that ghornet2 posted on BGG in 2013. I built the analysis tab and /u/madcar86 helped me a bunch in filling out the Cards tab for several sets, including monster levels, combat bonuses, and everything else the Analysis tab reads and crunches. The print page is madcar86's idea as well.

Please PM me here or on reddit (u/Argendauss) if you have questions because the spreadsheet is admittedly dense.

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