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Default Re: DreadStormers [IC]

Hua's first shot is deflected by armor, but the people she's shooting at aren't able to effectively respond. They do a much better job of searching before the second shot, but Hua is still two steps ahead of them. She puts a bullet in one of the folk's neck, but the female officer stays up despite the wound.

Hua is working on lining up another shot...

Soldiers are attempting to use the room as a forward command post, but instead find no leadership and an invisible foe somewhere in the room.

Daymar, give me another roll for the sergeant. his skill is 12 - 2 (causalities) + 2 (position) = 12

The opposition rolled an 11. The effective skill is 13 (base) -4 (causalities) -2 (leader shot dead) =7, for failure by four.
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