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Default Celebrating my campaign's 200th session!

Back in May 2009 I created this thread celebrating our 100th session. This time I'm posting in Roleplaying in General instead of GURPS because it's more about the longevity of the campaign than it is about the system we use.

Started back in June of 2006, I still have 3 of my original players and my 4th player has been with us for over 2 years now (although we've gone through about a dozen other players in the meantime). We celebrated with a huge BBQ feast... well, we added a rack of ribs to our usual order which itself is typically more than we can finish, so that qualifies as a huge feast. And then we toasted it with a bottle of scotch that dates back to the late 50's or early 60's. The. Best. Scotch. Whiskey. I've. Ever. Had. Pictures of the scotch and the players figures are here.

They've finally reached the final stages of the campaign and we expect to finish up by the end of the year... Of course I expected the campaign plot to only take 2 years to play out at the start and we all can see how that worked out, so maybe by next Spring at the latest... <grin>

That's my story. Anyone else got any long running campaigns and how do you celebrate the milestones?
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