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Default Re: Takedown Rifles (1990s)

Another option might be the Remington XP-100. It was compact for its size/accuracy, and fired a short .223 round. Probably not accurate much beyond 200 yards or so, but compact and could probably be machined to have a detachable barrel to make it more compact. Appeared in the early 1960s. I'm not a conspiracy buff but if you think that about the JFK assassination, I think that the assassin could be a mistreated former lover of JFK (no shortage of possibilities there; read The Dark Side of Camelot for examples), said assassin firing an XP-100 from the Grassy Knoll & dropping the weapon into a large purse and fleeing the scene with the others in the panicked crowd. (I doubt that Texas State/Dallas Police of the time would immediately suspect and search a woman.) Makes more sense than most of the theories.
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