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Default Re: Appropriate disadvantages for Ghurka?

Originally Posted by fredtheobviouspseudonym View Post
As a Nepali he is probably a Buddhist, albeit with some modifications on the pacifism part.

A Rajah's child is likely to be Muslim or Hindu. Close association (to use a polite euphemism) is therefore unlikely -- most Muslims are pretty hostile to Buddhists (check the Qur'an) and close connection with a Buddhist would cost caste for a Hindu lady. Any such young female (relative of a Rajah) might have a Buddhist Gurkha as bodyguard but would also be accompanied by an elderly and very suspicious female attendant. (Think "battleaxe") who would, regardless of religion, stand a good chance of being executed by the Rajah ASAP if any hanky-panky occurs. Also the girl.
Oh, well the princess read absurd foreign literature while her chaperone was not looking and got idiotic ideas out of it. The Ghurkha of course knows better than to be unprofessional. It can still be funny.
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