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Default Re: Combo Suggestions for point starved Witch wanting to be effective in melee?

Thanks for all the additional suggestions guys.
Concept-wise I had the image of a Japanese guy using a katana, and having spells to improve his abilities. Since the only magic in the game is rituals, many of the better ones take a ton of mana, so you can't do them on the fly. We have created as many charms as we can (46 total), and split them up across the party. Ghost Shirts and something else I can't recall.
I can definitely hold back a few more charms for myself. Flak jackets are not readily available yet (set in the 80s before they became decent or readily available).
I do have a pistol and silver/wooden bullets, but hit or miss I won't kill something (or haven't yet) with one shot. Then they are in melee range and DR6 and dodge isn't enough. Parry seems better and easier to raise.
For Precognitive Parry I figure I will want to raise some of the prereqs anyways. Get a combat skill to 18 and Danger Sense are the costliest. Total is only 40pts.
AND my character, as the parties attorney might not want to carry a gun around all the time - and the cane to staff would be street legal. :)
I will look into the shoot and move tactics for guns.

Thanks again guys,
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