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Default Re: Takedown Rifles (1990s)

Originally Posted by fula farbrorn View Post
What about the AR 180 ? folding stock, can be taken apart quickly and fires a 5.56 round, it fits in a package thats very small especially if you are okay with a 16 inch barrel
That's a good point.

In fact, it might be even more desirable with an illegal short barrel, especially if that barrel had a 1:7 twist rate. The 1:12 twist rate of the ArmaLite 18/180 was adequate for short-range fire with 55 grain bullets, but is incompatible with any kind of long-range accuracy with heavier grain bullets.

Sure, you could exchange the 18.25" factory barrel for a 16" barrel in a better twist rate and remain legal, but the 21" OAL of the carbine with 10.1" barrel and folded stock is tempting. That means you wouldn't even have to carry it disassembled, as that only reduces the length of the upper to 18.3".

An alternative would be a 16" match barrel in 1:7 or 1:8 and mounting a Leupold Compact 3-9x33mm scope, carrying it separated in upper and lower, with the longest part being 24.57". That could be an accurate weapon out to 600 yards, easily.
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