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Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
You still need Partial Change, or (frex) allies you were holding onto suddenly aren't.
You can Affect Substantial and Carry Objects. I don't see why these don't extend to holding onto other characters. In fact, the "not actually insubstantial" Limitation (which should leave you vulnerable to being grappled and pinned, unlike the version from Powers) should probably handle this case as well, if for some reason the above two don't.

Originally Posted by Anders View Post
Seems we're landing someplace around 250-300 points?
Yep. Well, maybe [200]-[300], as I'm not certain what "Not Actually Insubstantial" would be worth as a Limitation. But, yeah, I think [250] is a good middle ground price. Note that if it's available without needing a Limited Defenses Limitation of some sort, there should probably be "Bypasses Invulnerability" Powers or gear available. For a Power, this is going to be somewhere between +20% (Affects Insubstantial) and +300% (Cosmic Irresistible Attack); I'd probably go with +50%. For gear, it's probably going to be reliant on some sort of weird science and be rare/expensive, like the Hex2O (which I assume is some sort of magical water) that ignores Invulnerability in the Magellan Academy webcomic.

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