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Default Re: Role of archers in low-tech parties?

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Interesting, since I've read various texts (in three different languages at that too) and all of them support the "nice story". Are you sure you are not confusing the conquests of Genghis Khan with those of his son Ögedei?.
No i read the same and i read it was the same hoax as was when Karl Martell is praised for stopping the Invasion of the Arabs by Poitiers.

The same time a civil war between different Dynasties was fought in the caliphate, and it is reasonable that the regent of Spain considered it the better part of valour to fight the infidels in holy war then to support one of the factions, his excuse would look very pious.

Sorry My Caliph, i couldnīt help you because i was fighting infidels.

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which nevertheless will inevitably slow your advance, not to mention confuse your soldiers - ..
The romans did well enough at carrhae, the saxons at Hastings , the Franks, saxons a poitiers, the bycanteans uused their infantry mainly for that purpose.

only well-disciplined troops can actually win out against horse archers

I was talking about composite shortbows, which are the ones used from horseback in the examples I cited.
No, this is a D&D weapon, the real weapon is named composite bow.

things that aren't all too relevant for players outside a very detailed military campaign.
welcome at my table

Actually they ended in bohemia, if one is precise (the borderlines not being as perfect back then) and merely decided to go back because their Khan had just died and they had to elect a new one. It has been pointed out often enough by historians and alternate universians that if this Khan had lived longer, Western Europe may well not have survived.
Yes, nice story but the Forests of middle europe donīt support large numbers of ponies and horse archery, german knights had slaughtered magyars and fought in the rusades, as well as frankish etc, the mongols were a long way from home without reliable support,

I think the mongols would have begged to differ.
and that is the reason a third of their army was eavy cavalry, iīve read a few books of crusade war.

Plus this is really not what the discussion is about.
then why did you start it?
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Just the continent. We've always left the rest of the world to YOU :-)
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