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Default Re: Role of archers in low-tech parties?

Originally Posted by Agramer View Post
same effect..
thats the reason the french cavalry brooke their teeth on spanish an english crrees.

Forgot battle,but Salahadin pinned like that Christian rearguard and would annihilate it

The Knights of St John hold the rearguard, the frankish foot and bowmen hold the flank, and the Richard Lionheart attacked Saladins with a sally of his knights, Sal al Ed Dins forces were routed.

or did you mean Tiberias or Teresias where Baldouin th Lepper King a boy forced Saladins forces in a flight he could not even organice a retreat.

Another example were Romans who got defeated by mounted archers(Crassus vs Parthians)
and crassus got memoriced as a general who plundered, the Parthians didnīt broke the legions with their archers or their cataphracts, the fool offered battle without water on a place only a fool would offer a battle.
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