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Default Re: Whats a Munchkin?

Originally Posted by Tom Kalbfus
Who's right? if one player wants to fight the Germans with a bullwhip and a chair and the others are equipped with M1 rifles and Bazookas, who is the munchkin here trying to optimize their fighting ability?
The player asking for the Errol Flynn character in a WW2 campaign may or may not be a Munchkin, but he definitely is a jerk who is basically dissing both the GM and the rest of the gaming group by pushing for a totally different game setting than what's being offered and/or has been agreed to by everyone else. (If they were playing an Indiana Jones type game, then it might all be appropriate.)

The Munchkin would be asking for a time travelling character fully equipped with TL10 gear disguised as normal equipment who was using the rest of the party as a front and would killing them all whenever he got a chance so he could win.
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