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Default Re: Building Immunity: Fire

Originally Posted by Ottriman View Post
Wouldn't a personal nigh immunity or complete immunity to fire be better modeled like this?

Injury Tolerance: Damage Reduction 100 (Cosmic: Can reduce injury to less then 1 +50%, Limited: Fire -60%) [270]

Then buy like 10-20 levels of temperature tolerance to be impervious to the ambient effects.

for +135 pts the Damage reduction could go up to 1000.

Edit: This build has the advantage of protecting you fully against fire with the Affects Insubstantial enhancement.
This is what I'd do. It makes vastly more sense than Insubstaniability builds. Nothing that does over 100 or 1000 damage per second would be remotely similar "fire" as we understand it. In a supers or gods game where magical fire blasts can do that much damage that means its time to rescale damage.
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