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Default Re: Building Immunity: Fire

I've used the following in a game:

Insubstantial (Affects Substantial +100%, no Permeation -50%, Achilles heel -10%, Relexive +40%, Partial Change +50%) [184]

It was in a 1000 point game somewhere between Monster Hunters and Supers (I named it god slayers), and told the PC's up front the opposition would have it and suggested they get it. About half of them did.

I didn't find the ability broken in the least. Nor did I find it do cause any more trouble with physics than it should of. Rules wise, it wasn't nearly as broken as say -- cosmic dodge. I kept knockback in there and everything played nicely. Yes, characters with it could survive nuclear basts and shield comrades from cannon fire. But they were supposed to, and I saw other things to do with 200 points that are just as outrageous.

This probably isn't quite RAW. but I stand by it as fair.
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