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This is a thing. The house rule I introduced that addresses it is that I added a talent, Powers Beyond the Pale, where for every 1 talent point invested you gain a 2 point rechargeable ST capacity for spell casting. The conceit is that this represents your development of an ability to ritualistically meditate (or whatever). The ST points recover at the same rate as ST expended from your ST stat; the order is ST stat expenditure recovers first, PBtP points after (not simultaneous). This has never seemed to lead to noticeable power bloat in play testing, as the ST points are not an enormous resource and must be bought in exchange for other things (spells and other talents). It is true that ideal 'dueling' wizards built with this rule in play will always take a couple points, and will have several more points of ST to cast spells. So, that is a small but noticeable difference. On the other hand, you would be stupid to invest in ST as a pure spell caster, so Conan the Wizard is gone (unless you want to be a wizard who wins arm wrestling contests!)
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