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Originally Posted by Kelly Pedersen
Unfortunately, the description doesn't quite match the write-up you've got. As it stands, what you've got is an ability that will, when you trigger it, immediately send out the wave of despair, affecting people as you described. It will then shut off - it won't follow you as you move, for example, and the line about "the first time someone enters this area" doesn't make a lot of sense, because there's no "area" to enter - just a brief flash. If you want to match the power more closely to the description, you'll need to make some changes. Basically, drop Emanation, and add the Melee Attack limitation and the Aura enhancement. Melee attack means the attack centers on you, and Aura makes it last until you switch it off.
See the easy-to-miss bit on Powers p. 39, the "Field" section under Affliction. Apparently you can use Area Effect + Emanation in two different ways - the instantaneous pulse you're describing, or as a (presumably Switchable by default) continuing field which only affects targets "once, when they first come within range".
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