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Hello guys,

thank you all for the explanations. Now I think the ability matches the original power's description. Here's how it ended:

Affliction 1 (Attribute Penalty, -1 to HT, IQ and DX, +25%; Aura, +80%; Based on Will, +20%; Area Effect, 3 yards, +75%*; Selective Area, +20%; Malediction, +100%; Melee Attack, -30%) [39/level].

You are surrounded by a 3-yard radius Aura of Despair. The first time someone enters this area, he must win a Quick Contest of Will or suffer an one point reduction in HT, IQ and DX. Your roll has a -1 per yard of distance to the target, who rolls against Will at -1 per level of Affliction. Skills based on affected attributes will also be reduced, as well as Will and Perception. Other secondary characteristics will not be affected, though. This effect lasts for a minute for each point by which the target lost the Quick Contest. You may choose to spare your allies from the Aura of Despair's effect.

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