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Steve Jackson
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Default Re: Beta testers wanted for Ogre video game

I got in some beta play today with Randy making notes - he will pass those along - much better than last time I played! Prettier screens, smoother play.

I do hope the defending AI continues to get smarter as the game matures; I played the Ogre and pretty much walked through the AI defense on Mark III Attack, even with poor die rolls. It needs not to set up units where I can kill them at the end of my optimum entry move, and it needs not to park units on my optimum path to the CP - that's begging to be rammed.

Having said that, I did not achieve a complete victory . . . after I lost my last gun there was one surviving Missile Tank that was completely competent at avoiding my attempt to corner it, and it stung me badly before I escaped. I hope its commander gets leave and a promotion.

Anybody managed a complete victory in that scenario?
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