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Default The GURPS 101 Index Thread

I was over on reddit and I saw a post where someone was getting into GURPS, and had originally built a 100 point character with -100 points in disads with crippling low stats.

It brought to mind my Melee and Ranged skills posts, as well as the "GURPS 101: What is X?" type stuff.

I was thinking that we should put together an index: What are your top 1-3 best posts for new GURPS gamers, where you explain something critical that new players or GMs MUST understand, or SHOULD understand, to prevent expectations crises?

In short, I want to put together a GURPS 101 index for new players and GMs.

Ping me somehow - on this board, via email, whatever, with a short list of links. Prioritize them, because if you send me 100 links, I simply will not list 'em all.

I will almost certainly nominate my Melee and Ranged skill levels posts for myself.
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