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Default SOTW 1: The Old Castle

I received my copy of the Strategic and Tactical Objectives sheet last week and it inspired me dig out the mahoosive box that is Ogre!

I thought it was time to write up some scenarios and so I have set myself the challenge of creating one scenario a week for as long as I can keep it up.

My aim is to provide scenarios with stories, with different terrains, different attack attributes - just differences really.

I want to use the scenarios as ways of exploring "what-ifs" and experiments with the overall system. Some will be more succesful than others I am sure.

But I know from past experience, very simple changes really make you think hard about your standard strategies and how they fail under new circumstances.

So, all that out of the way, I present to you the first scenario

The Old Castle

The Old Castle of Brunberg has been regional HQ for centuries. Sanding at the top of a steep cliff side overlooking the River Brun it has always been easy to defend. But this defence must fall.

This scenario features high ground and cliff faces with a simple rules variants for handling them.
New rules are made for PLAYTESTING :) Get off the internet and go play
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