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Default Ability build - one target ranged aura

Hi, I have a problem with designing an ability for my player and would appreciate some help.
He wants telepathic attack that damages nearest to him creature (friend or foe). The attack is to be switched on and off just like Aura, but not skin-tight and not multi-target.

I have thought about three builds:
1. Going all along with FAQ: Toxic Attack (Aura, +80%; Melee, C, -30%; Area Effect, 2 yards, +50%; Malediction 1, +100%; Telepathic <psionic and works only on creatures with mind>, -20%) - but it's damaging everyone in the area. I'm not sure how much would be "nearest target only" limitation worth.

2. Toxic Attack (Aura, +80%; Melee, C-3, -15%; Malediction 1, +100%; Telepathic, -20%) - I get rid of Area Effect so I won't need unspecified "single target" limitation. Used non-RAW Melee Attack Limitation to make it "not skin-tight." But I feel like there's something wrong with this build.

3. Ignoring Aura and making it Cyclic with contagious and "going away" being the required "cure" for cyclic damage - but it ends up awfully costly and works least close to description.

Also considered Malediction with Reduced Time and Uncontrollable, but only name seems to be right in the last modifier.

Any thoughts?
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