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Originally Posted by Agemegos View Post
That is not my experience.

When I was growing up I used to play a game with the children of the neighbourhood called "spotlight", in which "it" stood in the middle of a mown acre with a powerful (by the standards of the time) torch (flashlight) that had a narrow beam. The rest of the players would rush to cover behind trees, fences, park benches, uneven spots in the ground etc., and then attempt to creep close enough to rush "it" and touch the swing set in the middle of the park before "it" could illuminate each of use with the beam of light and say the name of the person caught. Even in those unpromising circumstances it was surprisingly effect to simply lie flat in the grass.

In better conditions, as when wearing drab clothing in the scrub, you are much less readily seen when prone among the grown clutter that when standing an possibly silhouetted.
There are many factors in effect in this case.
But I doubt going to the ground alone, not on grass in uneven ground, etc. will be more than a -2 modifier to perception rolls.

This is an RPG, with a GM and the GM have a work to do, consider official modifiers (all of them are suggestions or recommendations) and make a call. If the GM decides to use the already established -2 it will be fine and probably be enough but the GM may declare that as the target is behind some cover there may be harsher penalties due to the prone posture.

In my games I tend to consider the cover and point of view more than posture and posture help more if it allows you to get more or yourself covered, again, lying prone doesn't help you if you are targeted high from above for example. On the other hand I almost always give any official modifiers to my players characters, if only because it makes them feel their actions have some impact.
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