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Default Re: Pyramid magic issues

Imbuements are Skills that are enabled by an Advantage, very much like how regular magic is skills (Spells) that are enabled by an Advantage (Magery), or how cinematic combat skills are skills enabled by an Advantage. I'll grant that Imbuements were designed to complement powers, in that they're there to do something that Abilities can't really do; but as written, they're not part of the Powers system.

Impulse Buys aren't character traits at all; they're rules for how character points can be spent. When existing character traits involving fortune and fate show up (e.g., Destiny, Luck, and Serendipity), it is generally suggested that they either be ignored in favor of Impulse Buys or modified to be compatible with Impulse Buys; so to the extent that you might build Abilities off of those traits, there's a bit of incompatibility involved. In fact, the Impulse Control Pyramid article sells to address this issue by rebuilding fortune-based Advantages off of its new Impulse Points Advantage.

But again, what you can do with Impulse Buys is not determined by what Abilities you have, which is the heart of the Powers system.

I would put both Imbuements and Impulse Buys as their own things, rather than as part of some existing system.
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