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I'm a big fan of being able to expend XP on something besides attribute growth too -- all through the many discussions on attribute bloat, talents, etc., etc., I've advocated such a thing.

And I think Dark City Games had a LOT of good ideas in their system (though there are some I disagree with too). I hope, if Steve ever has any time to sit down and do so, he works through some of their adventures and sees how their ideas work; there are some things there he could port over pretty easily into mainstream TFT that would be pretty cool to have "officially" present in the system -- and the DCG Staff system is only one of them!
Heh, I once posted rules on the Dark City forum for a Vancian magic variant. The staff started at the wizard's ST and could be upgraded to ST + IQ. A Vancian wizard had to use the staff's points to prepare spells (which was not possible in combat because it took time and concentration) and store them in the staff. Casting a spell doesn't fatigue a Vancian wizard but they can only cast the spells they have prepared.
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